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 Learn more about “Patients First” – a new law which requires your health care provider to give you more information about charges for hospital stays, medical procedures, health care services, or referrals.

What to Expect on Surgery Day?

Relaying accurate patient information is what we stand for. We want you, the patient, and your family and friends, to know what to expect on the day of surgery. Please plan on spending 2-3 hours with us at the center. Wear comfortable clothing, a short-sleeved shirt is preferred with pants. Comfortable shoes are also an excellent choice. You will be given a protective gown to wear over your clothing. You will not need to remove any dentures or hearing aids for your procedure.

Do not eat anything including candy, gum or mints 8 hours prior to surgery. Clear liquids may be consumed up to 2 hours before arrival time. Examples of clear liquids include water, apple and cranberry juice, carbonated beverages, clear tea and black coffee. The patient will be given nourishment and receive written and verbal instructions when resting after surgery.

Please consult your physician about taking any medications on the day of your surgery. If you have already filled out a Health History Questionnaire, you do not need to bring any medications with you to the Center.

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Phase 1 Drop Area: The patient will go into the drop area where a Registered Nurse and Medical Assistant will prepare you for surgery. The patient’s medical history will be reviewed, vital signs taken, and any necessary testing will be completed (blood glucose and/or INR). The patient will also be given drops to prepare the eye for surgery. The patient may or may not sit in an adjacent room for a short period of time prior to entering the pre-op area after the admission process.

Phase 2 Pre-op Area: After you leave the drop area, you will go into the pre-op area. Then, you will be placed on a stretcher and vital signs will be monitored every 5 minutes. The Registered Nurse will start an intravenous line. The Anesthesiologist will conduct an interview and give medications prior to the start of the procedure.

Phase 3 Operating Room: The patient is wheeled into the operating room on the stretcher and remains on that stretcher for the surgery. A member of the anesthesia team monitors the patient throughout the procedure. A Registered Nurse and Surgical Technologist are also in the room to provide care to the patient.

Phase 4 Post-op/Recovery: You are then brought to the recovery area on the stretcher. You will be given nourishment and receive written and verbal instructions.

Family can and will be included in discharge instructions as needed. The patient is then discharged into the care of a responsible adult.


You will need a driver if you are having surgery. You also should have someone with you at home after your procedure. If you are having a laser procedure, you may drive yourself.

Billing and Payment

You can expect the total cost of your surgery to be significantly less than the cost would be at a local hospital. The Cataract & Laser Center West is Medicare certified and is a provider for most of the area’s insurance plans. Check with your insurance company to see if you have a co-pay or deductible that is due the day of surgery. You should bring all your current insurance cards and a photo I.D. as well as any co-payment that will be due the day of your surgery.

We accept cash, check, or credit card payments. After your surgery, we will be happy to submit your claim to your insurance company for payment.

There are three separate fees for any surgery: one fee from your surgeon, one fee for anesthesia and one for the facility. You may call your insurance company for details on what portion of these charges you may be responsible for.

The Cataract and Laser Center is promoting a scent-free environment for the health and safety of its patients and staff.

Please DO NOT wear cologne or perfume on the day of your procedure.

We ask that your family and friends refrain from using scented products while accompanying you to the Surgery Center.